Proposals to Organize Activities

MCTP supports activities held at UNACH facilities, or at other suitable venues at Tuxtla, other cities of Mexico or other countries of the Meso-american region. These activities are expected to include conferences, workshops, one-and two-week schools as well as mini-courses on specialized topics for PhD students and post-docs.

MCTP financial support is in some of the following forms: prepayment of airplane tickets, accommodation arranged by MCTP, and/or reimbursement of expenses for food. MCTP does not provide scholarships. The form of support will be specified in the letter of acceptance and in the agreement signed by the participant.

We are accepting now proposals for 2020 and 2021 activities. All proposals will be discussed by the Scientific Council after the organizers submit their proposal using the online application form Proposals should make clear whether the activity is mainly for graduate students or mainly for researchers or both. Proposals for short term intensive undergraduate courses and for outreach activities may also be discussed, first with the MCTP Director (Coordinador General), who later will submit the proposal to the Scientific Council.

Please email any questions on activity proposals to [email protected] with the subject "Questions on activity proposals". 

Type of activities: For a quick orientation, we use these definitions:

 CONGRESS or CONFERENCES: Invited talks and some contributions

 WORKSHOP: contributions and a few invited talks

 SCHOOL: Courses

 COURSE: Course at textbook level

 SEMINAR: Single talk on a specific topic