The ICTP in Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico

The programs are designed to fulfill the main objectives of the Centre established in its draft creation, mainly to promote academic development and scientific research capabilities in the countries in the area of Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico. The programs are designed  so that the MCTP replicates as faithfully as possible, in its organization, design and operation, the ICTP in Trieste, Italy. The central goal of the core programs described below will be to make the MCTP an international centre of science, academic exchange and mobility; always involving scientists of the highest quality worldwide in their programs.


Programs should be coordinated by the permanent members of MCTP. The organizing committees of each particular event can integrate scientists from other institutions, whether national or international, in addition to at least one local member. The events must always have an international advisory committee. In the initial phase of the Centre, the program may be coordinated by scientific associates, ensuring that this responsibility is delegated to the permanent members in the shortest possible time.


These programs are subject to constant revision and reorganization, always checking that they are aimed at fulfilling the central objectives of the centre.

Conferences, Workshops and Schools
Exchange Agreements and Academic Mobility
Invited Scientific Meetings
Visiting Scientist Program
Postdoctoral Program
Laboratories and Research Training in Mexico